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A fantastic cut for braising and long, slow cooking, Beef Shin offers deep flavours and rich melting qualities as the beef breaks down and tenderises in the pot. Sourced exclusively from grass fed herds of heritage breed beef, this cut reflects the quality of our pedigree beef and makes for hearty and wholesome dishes all year round.


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    Beef neck is a cut of meat that is obtained from the animal’s neck; this is a relatively popular cut as it offers a tender piece of meat. This is a cut of a beef that offers a large amount of meat. Generally beef neck is used as a base for preparing soups and sometimes stews. As well as being a good base for making soups or stews the cut of beef is also very tasty on its own; as it holds so much flavour it needs very little adding to it. Some popular ingredients that are used to season beef neck are celery, soy sauce, garlic, cayenne pepper, lemon zest and thyme.


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    Complex and hardworking, the rump of a beef carcass yields three muscles – cap, eye and tail. While the eye muscle makes perfect steaks, the rump tail comes into its own when cooked as a joint. Very well flavoured with a distinctive grain, rump tailis lean and without superficial fat.


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    Typically dense and rich to taste, Rump Steaks are an exquisite treat and a more than deserving alternative to more popular steaks cuts, whatever the occasion. Ours are sourced from beef herds grown to maturity on lush pastures before being dry aged by our Master Butcher to guarantee immaculate eating quality packed with flavour. Perfect as an introduction to our steaks.


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    deal for all manner of dishes, our classic Minced Beef is 90% fat free, and boasts the standout flavour that sets our beef apart, with a good ratio of fat to meat to give melting tenderness and real taste upon cooking. As such it’s a great introduction to just how good our heritage breed beef is, promising real character and depth of flavour by virtue of the rich pastures our herds graze upon.