How to Order       

Choose from our full range of Meat cuts and place your order at the click of a button.


We offer Two sizes of Meat boxs.  Depending on the size of your order we will either pack it into a small or medium sized Eco-Friendly Temp controlled box.

Order confirmation.This is a confirmation of the request to purchase goods and services, with detailed information of your order sent to your email.

Registration and payment of the order. If you want to avail of our online shop and would like to have the goods delivered to you then please provide us with your relevant delivery details. You must fill in the necessary delivery information so that the correct and efficient delivery of your order is managed. Please make sure the delivery address, telephone number and all other relevant information is correct to insure a reliable delivery.

Upon Receiving your order. Pleaese check and see that your order is all correct the box is undamaged and the contents in the box are all sealed. Upon opening the box, please put the products in your freezer as soon as possible. Please be assured it is safe to freeze as all of our meat is cut fresh Vacum packed and sealed for freshness.